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Wicked Motorcycle Stunts (Hardc0re Edition)

We see the motorcycles ripping through traffic every day, the people that ride these things sometimes are like stunt devils and we love to watch the mayhem. Sometimes they take it to the next level and do things we never even thought were possible. In this collection of insane motorcycle stunt pictures we have some […]

Dream Women on Motorcycles (You better get a HELMET)

We all love a loud bike with shiny chrome but the only thing that can make a bike more appealing is a bike with a beautiful woman near it. Most men love motorcycles and most men love women, so I decided we should shed some light on some hot women with bikes. These ladies are […]

8 Insane Stunt Gifs

3 Fair-and-Balanced

If you love speed and a good adrenaline rush then performing stunts is where it’s at. The first sport bike I owned was a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6-R. I got it when I was 17 years old and wrecked it within two months of getting it, trying to pull a stunt. My problem is that I […]

MKW Extreme Mods: Low Riders


The key to understanding us men is that we always take things to the extreme. We want our women to be the hottest, our wardrobe to be the p!mp-est, and our rides to be the flyest. Sometimes we go to extremes in order to get those three things. Our rides are usually victim to the […]

How Big of a Boy Are You? What your ride says about your love life

How big of a boy are you? Does your answer match what your partners say? Men are always trying to brag about their manhood, usually we exaggerate. Fortunately, as a psychology major, I have been able to devise a technique to psychologically profile the size of your manhood. I am going to give you eight […]

Top 10 Futuristic Concept Bike Designs

Get out you scratchpad and idea machine, because you may have the next bike concept rattling around inside that head of yours. After all, all of these kicka$$ designs came from someone’s head and started on a piece of scratch paper.  Maybe someday we’ll see them out on the streets! #10 Icare Motorbike This futuristic […]

7 Wicked 600cc Sport Bikes

As a guy, I love me some motorcycle action! I like pretty much any thing that has two wheels, a powerful engine and mass lady appeal. All of these qualities can be found in some of the hottest sport bikes on the streets today. Serious riders usually move up to a 1,000cc bike or so […]

MKW Eye Candy: Hotties and Hogs

Hot chicks and motorcycles are some of the best eye candy that we, as men, can ask for. We’ve looked at sport bikes and hot women before on MKW Eye Candy but this time it’s time to look at something a little bigger and a little hotter. The rumble of big street bikes, the comfort, […]

Top 10 Fastest Super Bikes of 2012

2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale Superbike 300kph

Superbike racing is a category of motorcycle racing that uses customized production motorcycles. Superbike World Championship is an international superbike championship, and nationwide superbike championships are held in several countries also, counting the United States and the United Kingdom. Here is a list of the top ten super bikes of 2012 which we hope will […]

Five Bada$$ Sport Bikes


As men, we love anything and everything that’s fast, has nice curves and is fast; especially bikes and women. The street bike has been a toy for us guys for a long time now, but, with the development of the sport bike we took it to a whole new level. These sport bikes are killer […]

Eye Candy: Bikes and Babes

The love of all things fast and beautiful has long been encoded in men from birth. Motorcycles are one of the few loves that we have that can land you a chick almost anywhere you ride them, no matter what you look like or how “cool” you act. If you have a bike you can […]

Lowriders bikes and the babes you wish you had


Lowrider bicycles are truly something that marks a specific group of people and a specific period of time. Now a days lowrider bicycles are still found in places like the west coast’s east Los Angeles and there’s certainly a small market for this type of hobby. Lowrider bikes are also very iconic of the urban […]

Six Hot Modifications For Your Sport Bike

If you’ve ever ridden a sport bike then you know that they are a blast. The way that they sound when you are cracking down on the throttle is euphoric. The way that the wind feels when it’s hitting you is almost tantric and the way that the ladies flock to them is magical. Sport […]

10 Awesome and Unique Garages

Alright guys we all love to break it build it and fix it weather its a custom car rebuild or maybe motorcycles are your thing or you like to just build structures from wood or steel and create art. Whatever it is that you are into your garage can be your space of freedom and […]

World’s Most Expensive Bike FE Ti XX

Denver-based Ecosse Moto Works is set to unveil the last of its Heretic series which it claims will be the world’s most expensive motorcycle. The FE Ti XX will cost a staggering $300,000 and will boast a 2.4 L billet aluminum powerplant that can produce 225 horsepower. The look of the bike is very rugged […]


#6 IT’S TIME TO HIT THE DIRT It’s time to break out the four wheelers the jeeps and any other off road terrain vehicle you have. The weather is perfect this time of year to hit the muddy roads, the desert terrain and the biggest mud holes you can possibly find. There are many different […]

5 Insane Motorcycle Engines

For all are biker fans out there this is a list of insane motorcycle engines. As you look through them you will see some pretty wild concepts. Number 5 on this list is one of the fastest bikes in the world. #1. Chainsaw Engine Bike Now some true man ingenuity there. It would take some […]

6 Amazing Motorcycle Helmets

Here is a list of some wicked helmets that will blow your mind. I’m sure their is at least one on this list you want. Number 6 on the list is my favorite. But #6 might scare you lol #1. Spider-man If you’re into some spider-man this would be a great helmet to wear while […]

Must see motorcycle art collection (no helmet needed)


Riding a motorcycle is one of the most freeing things you can do. When riding a bike it’s so enjoyable it almost seems like it would be illegal to do it. If you’re a biker or just love motorcycle rider you will enjoy this must see motorcycle art collection. My favorite is number 5. Once […]