Ever seen a 4×4 vehicle go crazy – Check this out

This is what we call hit and run. A 4×4 driver mowed down two people while taking part in a competition and simply continued with the race as if nothing had happened. Am sure getting hit by such a monster is no joke.



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Go Baby Go !!!


Top 12 European Classic Cars

GULLWING 3 Basis 004

Most of you might prefer good old American muscle instead of these European beauties, but no man with a professed love of cars could deny the exquisiteness of these four wheeled power houses. Still not convinced? Well Europeans make their cars in the spitting image of their women, quick-tempered yet always elegant, curved in all […]

HOT cars of the 1970′s


The 1970’s was a great decade on many different levels. Disco music was making it’s cheesy outbreak, the women were getting free and wild, the US economy was booming and some of the greatest cars known to man were being produced. The fuel rationing of the 70’s had little to do with car manufacturer’s search […]

The Future Is Now “Self Driving Cars” Are you ready?


These cars can literally drive you anywhere you want to go and they are legal now in three states. The futuristic cars actually use radar sensors on the front of the vehicle and a combination of cameras and software this is literally aware of everything from street lights to pedestrians. Google has made a name […]

The Top 10 Best Driving Roads in the World


If you have watched the 1978 movie “foul play” you might have seen Goldie Hawn driving easily down the freeways of San Francisco while seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful waters. If you add some music in the car then that will be the best drives in the planet. When you talk of […]

MKW Extreme Mods: Low Riders


The key to understanding us men is that we always take things to the extreme. We want our women to be the hottest, our wardrobe to be the p!mp-est, and our rides to be the flyest. Sometimes we go to extremes in order to get those three things. Our rides are usually victim to the […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Armored Cars

Most celebrities prefer buying luxury cars. Nevertheless, because of their fame they always require extra security in their daily life. Because of this they end up investing in very expensive armored vehicles. Here are some of the most expensive armored vehicles: #10 The Tumbler This car was only available in the fantasy world; however, when […]

How Big of a Boy Are You? What your ride says about your love life


How big of a boy are you? Does your answer match what your partners say? Men are always trying to brag about their manhood, usually we exaggerate. Fortunately, as a psychology major, I have been able to devise a technique to psychologically profile the size of your manhood. I am going to give you eight […]

Video: Watch Creations n’ Chrome’s Top Notch Mustang put down 855 rwhp on the dyno


Page #1 Not many shops are focusing on fox body mustang projects nowadays, nevertheless creations n’ chrome have always been up to the task. After it created the S197 Mustangs for the SEMA event in the year 2010 and 2011 in addition to making the aviation based Mustangs that were sold off at EAA Air […]

Extreme Wild and Wet 4X4 Mudding Extravaganza

Men love the sound of n engine roaring as they rip through mud while slinging the wet dirt n every direction possible, let’s be honest what is there not to love about that? Here are some extreme images of trucks and other vehicles doing some insane things in the mud. So strap up your helmet […]

Playseats Evolution Game Chair

In order to experience the same thrill that real life racing drivers experience while behind the wheel, you need the playseat racing simulation cockpit. You can now easily drive your own Formula 1, GT5, WRC or DTM in the comfort of your home, in front of your computer or TV, and still feel like you […]

7 F-Body Hotties


Hold Up! The title of this article is F-Body Hotties and you can’t afford to pass this one by. If you are a man’s man and not a pu##y then you’ll love the pics that I’ve put together for you. The production of the Camaro and Trans-Am in the late sixties was a mile stone […]

2012 Forgiato Wide Body Chevrolet Camaro SS

This is the newest 2012 Forgiato wide body Chevrolet Camaro SS with its stunning 24” custom 3 piece wheels. It is definitely a beauty and nothing can match its pose and model. A part from its amazing ForgiatoSedici wheels (24×10 in front and 24×15 at the back) plus (275/25/24)(405/25/24) Pirelli tyres, there are many improvements […]

Top 5 Muscle Cars


The Muscle Car. The all-American, super powerful iconic toy for boys who want to look and feel big and bad. Some are pricey, but these are for the everyday working man and with more muscle dollar for dollar than their expensive counterparts. The Top 5 Muscles Cars. #5. 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C This hot rod […]

Shelby Ford Raptor announced

For people who felt standard Ford SVT Raptor as a weak machine, Shelby has come forward with a better 2013 version and believe me, it is a monster. Whereas the earlier version was running at 410 horsepower, this pickup truck can drive you mad with its 575 horsepower. This power comes because of a 2.9 […]

5 Wicked Burnouts All Men Should See (Check out the Chevelle)

Nothing is better than seeing a vehicle roast the tires off literally. Here some cars letting the smoke roll in a pure testosterone driven rage. All men love a good burnout.I like watching them because tires cost a arm and a leg anymore, but here are some wicked burnouts to please your ego and raise […]

World’s Smallest V-12 Engine Made By A Spanish Engineer (Video)

After 1200 hours of designing and crafting the world’s smallest V12 engine, Spanish engineer, Patelo, finally has something to show all of the automotive fanatics in the world. Built entirely from scrap pieces and some large materials, the engine is powered by compressed air injection. The twelve 11.3mm pistons are capable of producing a displacement of […]


Have you ever imagined a topless Shelby Mustang dubbed ‘Eleanor’ which featured in the blockbuster movie ‘Gone In Sixty Seconds’.  This might look simple but to one man it took more than 700 hours to customize a 1968 Mustang convertible and remove its hardtop.  The end results (as you see in the picture) looked amazing […]