Five Sweet Bass Boats


Being out on the water in the summer time is all a part of being a man. However, when you have a boat that you can take fishing and reel in that huge catch, you are living the dream. Bass boats are usually shorter and less luxurious than other leisure boats, but, they can still […]

Six Bada$$ Boats


The summer time brings out the best things in life. Being outdoors is always a good thing. However there are some things that we can do that are more fun and attract way more chicks. One thing is for certain, if you have a boat, you’ll never need to search far for ladies that want […]

The staggering Aslec 4 by Rossi Navi

The staggering Aslec 4 was launched back in 2012 by Italian shipyard Rossi Navi as a symbol of cruising perfection, opulence, eccentrics and luxury. Measuring 45 meters from bow to stern, this emperor of the seas has a story of its own.  Designed by Studio Spadolini in close collaboration with Rossi Navi, the Aslec 4 […]

The gorgeous 46.8-meter Roxane

Today’s cruiser-related rubric on Luxatic brings forth the simply amazing Roxane, as 46.8-meter long proof of luxury and exquisiteness which merges ultra sophisticated contemporariness with the sought-after pleasure of traditional sailing.  The Roxane was built in Tulza, in Turkey, by the famous shipyard Su Marine, based on the architecture imagined by Taka Yachts. The hull, […]