8 Videos That Will Change The Way You Think


The internet has presented a unique opportunity in the last few years- an aggregation of all of the world’s knowledge. TED is an organization dedicated to sharing that knowledge in interesting and engaging ways. The videos on the site are narrated by the experts in every possible subject you can think of. It is nothing […]

The Global Shift and The Future of Our World

The all inspiring question “What lies ahead for us tomorrow?”. We all have asked ourselves this question more then one time in our lives sharing thoughts and theories with family and friends. For some of us this question is so perplexing that we cannot even begin to conceive what marvel’s lie ahead in the distant […]

Exotic Concepts of the Future 10 Vehicular Pieces of Art


We see them on TV we dream about them in our sleep and we even go as far as planning which ones we would buy first if we ever hit the lottery yes guys I am talking about exotic cars. We have all seen the “lambo’s and the Ferrari’s as well as the BMW’S and […]

6 Humanoid Robots that will soon live among us

Robots are amaizing, specially the ones that look like us. We’ve been fascinated with robots since the times of The Terminator and Robocop. Now, human-like robots or humanoids are become a reality. It is said that in the future, robots will be just one more household item. Everyone will own one. Some of the main […]

The Space Race of The 21st Century

The future of space flight is that of an exciting one. What lies around the corner for us as humans and our future in space is amazing adventures that to date we have only been able to fantasize about. Over the course of the next 100 years we are going to see major technological jump, […]

10 Degrees of Hotness Girls of Science Fiction

There’s no doubt about it there is nothing like a beautiful face to make a movie stand out to make you remember a move years down the road. Since the invention of the first motion picture beautiful women have graced the screen. Beautiful women have always been used to boost ticket sales at the box […]

The Ford Mustang Five Generations of American Muscle


The Ford Mustang first introduced on April 17th 1964 was one of the most anticipated cars created by the ford motor company. In 1965 at the begging of Ford’s second run of Mustang’s with the release of the 1965 model the motor car company had their most successful launch since the production of the Ford […]

Are You Ready For The End Of The World?

Page #1 Over the past several decades the world has become a crazy place. If things ever get totally insane you will be glad you read this article. Keep in mind, this is not a “how to” article. It is simply meant to give you some insight into things that you can do to prepare […]

5 reasons why the car of the future should not have wheels or tires

We are all anticipating the driver-less car and can’t wait until we have a fully capable car that doesn’t require a driver behind the wheel. But today I want to talk about the possibility of having a car that doesn’t have any wheels or tires. With all the technological advances that are coming in the […]

5 Future technologies that are just around the corner

Future technologies are fascinating and exciting to think about. We anticipate the arrival of these technologies so much that it seems like it takes an eternity to actually get them. The following list of technologies are just around the corner. #5 Mind-controlled prosthetic Researchers have recently accomplished a new technology which allows them to implant […]

5 Toilets of the future

There’s always “the next big thing” for just about everything except for toilets. We never hear about next year’s model of toilet that’s going to hit the stores. Thanks to Bill Gates, we now have many potential models for new toilets. You could say that most of these toilets are “smart toilets”. Bill Gates recently […]

MUST SEE: Technology You Control With Your Brain “Unleash your inner Jedi”

The future has finally started to arrive. Technology has allowed us to find ways to control gadgets using our minds. Here of some of the new ground breaking gadgets you will be using in the near future. Is your brain ready? Are you ready to unleash your inner Jedi? #5 DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm This new […]

How To Succeed At Your Job

The goal for most of us is to gain a career that pays well and let’s take care of our family. When finding a job we usually luck into them through knowing someone or just being at the right place at the right time. But once we do get the chance we have  to know […]

5 way you can benefit from a Smart Door Knob

#5 Temporary access Now a day it seems like there’s a “smart everything”. We have smart phones, smart cars, smart TV’s and now we have smart door knobs. Yes, you heard right, for around $200 you can now buy a door knob that is operated by an app on your phone. Such door knobs include brands […]

6 things you must know about 3D Printers before buying one

3D printer seem to be the next big thing in the years to come. They are supposed to revolutionized the way we do things in our every day life. Some say we will be able to print out our own shoes by simply downloading a file online and pressing a button. You’ll be able to […]